Monday, September 26, 2011

Carewell's Souk Bazaar

Sept 24-25 was Carewell's first (ever) bazaar ! Over 80 vendors were selling an array of products the entire weekend. I never thought about joining bazaars, only because my price points will not be able to compete with other low priced merchandise and I felt like my products were too unique for that market ? 

For a good cause, (for Carewell -a Cancer Resource and Wellness Center )and for the reason that one of the organizers, Terri Madrigal happens to be a close friend of the Guidicelli's (who are my family) I agreed. 

With very little expectation... It was a huge success! I got lots of positive feedback from customers, and by the end of the bazaar my wire jewelry & minaudieres were sold out! So much for being afraid that my items were too unique! ---------> it was actually the reason why everyone was so fascinated! 

Favorites sold.. 

and more.. 

Shop for the latest.
They are all of one-of-a-kind so reserve while they're
in stock. 

Thank You to the Carewell Community for inviting me
and everyone who came to shop!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Macaroon Town.

It's dawn, & I am back in the Philippines for 48 hours
to do last minute meetings, goodbye dinner for friends going back to school (out of the country),
a fashion show for SM Accessories, and probably a quick stop at the port for the American
Ambassador's Dinner. 

Can't sleep.. Just reminiscing about how much macaroons i stuffed into my system before
boarding the plane. 

Caffe Giant Macaroon from PAUL

Pistachio Giant Macaroon from PAUL

Some more Giant Macaroons from Paul

Mini Macaroons from PAUL

& finally.. since I couldn't let them go.. I took some home
from Carrette's

..they were even more good-looking & great-tasting.

Au Revoir Pari
See you soon..