Monday, August 30, 2010

18 Again?

Last weekend, I was asked by Jun Escario to model his gown for the Seasons Debutante's Ball!
I was hesitant (only because it was a debutante's ball, and all the other girls were less than 18), but I agreed.

I had a fitting once and the dress was amazing! The beadwork was meticulous but very stunning! 

The day of the show: we did a run through at the Marco Polo Hotel and I was frightened to find out that we would be walking down the grand staircase ! YIKES !! I was already tempted to remove my 6-inch heels and walk barefoot ! But I didn't. Good thing my mother sent her 2-inch heels over and at first, I was still stumbling but I tried to pull myself together for the actual show!

I was sooooo nervous! I had images of me toppling down the stairs! 
....I must say, it was CHALLENGING but very successful! PHEW. Thank goodness nothing extreme happened.

Photos were taken by: Michael Jo/Others

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