Sunday, February 26, 2012

70 Random Things About ℳe.

Perfect Date: Brunch
Favorite Color: Emerald/Turquoise
Attracted to: Wit 
Afraid of: Roaches
Hungry for: Salmon & Veggies

Wish I could: Speak in all languages
I am happy when: I am close to family & friends
Surprises are: My favorite
Frightened by: Empty low-lit corridors
Cautious about: People who want to be friends for the wrong reasons

I love: Mornings
I am an: Optimist
I am a: Sucker for cheap thrills
I am annoyed when: Time is wasted
I want to be: More and more successful

Promises are: Made to be kept
I value: Faith, Family, Friends, Myself
Veggies are: best when sautèed in olive oil w/ other herbs & spices
I don't: eat red meat
I look up to: Successful people who are able to balance everything and make life seem like a breeze

I can: Bark like a dog
Life is: An exciting maze filled w/ obstacles and open doors
Love is: It happens. No words can explain it.
Weakness: Chocolate
Motto: Think Big, Act Fast

Current Artists: Frank Ocean // The Weeknd
Relationships are: Refreshing, Intoxicating
I admire: Hardworking & Humble People
Girls are: Sirens & Charmers
In my past life: I was probably a mermaid

Frustrated that: I still haven't gone scuba diving
1st Impressions: Don't necessarily last, but they do matter
Comedy or Horror: Comedy
Summer or Winter: Summer
Artist that brings you back to the good old days: Nada Surf

Music Influences: Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Norah Jones, Joss Stone, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder
Wish I could: Fly to Milan & pile up scoops of gelato, eat them all day & all night
Perfect Pizza: Quattro Formaggi w/ Blue Cheese & Arugula
Favorite Drink: Thai Iced Tea // Milk Tea w/ Boba
Plastic Surgery: Not my cup of tea

Zodia Sign: Pisces
Dream house: Glass house facing the ocean w/ minimal furniture, mostly touches of steel, white/gray cement walls, modern/angular accents, w/ super comfy couches & beds that go along w/ white soft sheets/covers
"Maybe means YES & I don't know means NO"
"Second chances should only be given to those who deserve it"
Does age matter: No

Perfume: Daisy-Marc Jacobs, Essential-Zara, PinkSugar-Aquolina
Turn On: Gentlemen, OldSchool Sweethearts 
"Roller-coasters & Slow drivers make me nauseous" 
Have you ever seen a shooting star: Yes
Nightout Drink: Amaretto Sour

Current Desktop Picture: The Galaxy
"Water & Rice are tasteless"
Success is: When you have achieved your goals & 
you are able to share your blessings with other people as well
Dream car: A classic mustang
I admire: People who are motivated everyday & have such positive dispositions 

"Style cannot be bought"
Weakness: Chocolate
Perfect relationship: The one's where you're like buddies but 
kiss,hug alot, laugh til you cry & have lots of adventures together!
I am pretty good at: Speaking w/ an Australian accent. 
I like to: Share share share 

Animals shouldn't be: locked up in cages
I can never resist: the smell of buttery popcorn
"I am more comfortable peforming/speaking infront of a massive audience 
than a small group of 2-3 people"
"I am always thinking about what to eat next"
"More people should be healthy on a regular basis"

"I don't like drinking medicine, I like to get well through natural sources"
Current mood: Relaxed. Happy.
Dream buffet: Brunch Buffet! 
>> All the different kinds of: 
French Toast, Waffles, Wholewheat Toast, Jam, Eggs Ben,Turkey Bacon, etc...  

Today is: A Sunday.

TTFN :) 

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