Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For the ♡ of Flea Markets.

After seeing the movie "Midnight in Paris" onboard: Etihad Airways to be exact, I landed in Paris
and knew right away that I had to go straight to: 
Marche aux Puces St. Ouen de Clignancourt : a complex of 2'500 - 3'000 open stalls
F L E A ♡ M AR K E T  
my favorite. 

It took awhile for my mum & our guide (Ryan Arbilo) to get there. I had forgotten the name of the avenue and just tried to recall the movie over and over again, took fragments of images from what i saw in the film and used those as vague guides to get us there. & little did we know after getting lost again & again we were finally at Av de la Porte de Clignancourt

Oh reminiscing everyday about all the lovely bits of vintage jewelry/teacups/books/old records/paintings/jars/ and anything you can imagine in a never ending street. 

It was a weekday, I don't quite remember what day exactly but I can still call to mind that the weather was a bit damp, but still /sunny & the influx of people into the stalls was just right.

The vendors/owners of their tiny kiosks were mostly friendly, exceptionally passionate about the goods that they sold. Every single stall, literally sold something unique, i believe all of the pieces there were one-of-a-kind. 

It was like a dream, walking about each corner. There were treasures everywhere, in all shapes, forms, sizes, and colors -evidently having a solitary story behind their facade.

I didn't even bother w/ the shopping, I was busy snapping photos, taking down notes, talking to the owners about the history of some of the pieces. 

It was such a refreshing yet familiar atmosphere. I still catch myself in a daze whenever I look back and think about this day. 

Until next time...

Au Revoir Paris!
Au Revoir Les Puces de Paris, Saint-Ouen!

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